11 Spooky Halloween Cookies

These Spooky Halloween Cookies are all fantastic options for your Halloween festivities.  No Halloween would be complete without these spooky additions to your festivities.  Easy to make and very tasty, these cookies are perfect for kids and adults alike!


Article Image From: LilLuna

1. Nutter Butter Boos


These old school Nutter Butter Boos are cute ghost cookies that make an easy Halloween dessert that is the perfect Halloween party food.

From: HomeMadeInterest


2. Easy Mummy Cookies


These adorable Mummy Cookies are a spooktacular Halloween treat! Great for Halloween parties, lunch boxes, dessert or an afternoon treat, your entire family will enjoy these tasty cookies!

From: AnnsEntitledLife


3. Halloween Sprinkle Cookies


These easy Halloween sprinkle cookies are the perfect addition to your Halloween festivities!

From: LivForCake


4. Vampire Cookies


If you are looking for a fun Halloween cookie then you are going to love these Vampire Cookies! These vampire cookies are made with homemade chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, frosting and almonds. Vampire cookies are for sure going to put some creepy in your Halloween fun!

From: MidgetMomma


5. Pumpkin Oreos


They could be silly, spooky or even a bit scary depending on how you make them.

From: LilLuna


6. Bewitched M&M Cookies


Chock full of colorful M&M’s this yummy cakey cookie is sure to please your family so grab an eye of a newt and a bag of M&M’s and make a batch today!

From: TwoSisters


7. Gingerbread Man Skeleton Cookies


Kinda creepy. Kinda cool. Perfect for Halloween.

From: SemiSweet


8. Spider Cookies


These Spider Cookies made with Sugar Cookie and Caramel are the perfect easy to make spooky treat for your Halloween party!

From: MommaLovesFood


9. Easy Frankenstein Cookies


Simple Frankenstein Cookies will spook up your party!

From: TheBearfootBaker


10. Halloween Witch Finger Butter Cookies


These Halloween Witch Finger Butter Cookies taste a lot better than they look. You won’t believe how easy it is to make these Halloween biscotti and the edible dirt to place them on.

From: SheLovesBiscotti


11. Monster Eye Cookies


These homemade chocolate Monster Eye Cookies are actually Halloween Thumbprint Cookies with candy eye decorations! Bring a batch or two to your next Halloween party— they’re festive, fun and totally delicious!

From: MommyMusings


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