4 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Try these alternative pumpkin decorating ideas!  Everyone is familiar with the typical Jack-O-Lantern, but give these a try and show off their uniqueness.  They aren’t necessarily any less messy, but they give a twist on the more traditional methods of decorating with pumpkins.


Article Image From: SouthernlySplendid


1. Drip Painting Pumpkins


These beautiful hand-dripped painted pumpkins will add a unique, festive feel to your home in the fall season.

From: MomDot


2. Glitter Pumpkins


These DIY Glitter Pumpkins turned out to be an easy and inexpensive project that is also a high impact decoration that you can use for Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

From: TwoSisters


3. Drilled Pumpkin Light


These are a fun alternative to the mess of carving a jack-o-lantern, and leave you with a tasteful and clean pumpkin for your holiday festivities.

From: DreamALittleBigger


4. Plaid Painted Pumpkins


Another tasteful and fun alternative to the more traditional pumpkins is the plaid painted pumpkin.

From: SouthernlySplendid


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