13 Kid-Friendly Oreo Treats for Halloween

Oreos are one of the tastiest treats on their own, but try mixing them up by using one of the 13 kid-friendly recipes below to make them an even tastier treat for this Halloween!

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1. Mummy Oreo Cookies


If you love Oreos, you’ll love these deliciously spooky Mummy Oreo Cookies that are absolutely perfect for Halloween!

From: SimplyBeingMommy


2. Easy Oreo Pumpkin Drops


Looking for a cute Halloween treat idea for your Halloween party?  Try these super easy Oreo Pumpkin Pops! They’ll be the gobbled up before you know it!

From: SuburbanSimplicity


3. Oreo Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat


These easy eyeball cookies are one of our favorite Halloween food crafts. This OREO Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat DIY aka my OREO eyeballs are fun to make and the kids will definitely love to eat them!  You can change up the ingredients a little bit to work with items you can find, but you really don’t need much for this easy cookie recipe other than OREO cookies and different frostings.

From: 100Directions


4. Easy Spider Oreo Balls


It’s been full-blown Halloween mode at my home for a couple weeks already. The home was decorated mid-September and tons of different Halloween treats have been created and enjoyed. Creating them is my favorite part because they are so. dang. cute. I mean, look at these spiders!!

From: ChelseaMessyApron


5. Witch Hat Oreo Cookies


You guys…I have the easiest Halloween Fun Food Idea to share with you, today! Can you tell that I get excited about the simple stuff? I know that sometimes it’s fun to really dive into a complicated food craft, but most of the time the simple and quick ones win me over. Come on in and I’ll share my “how to” on these Easy to Make Witch Hat Oreo Cookies for a Fun Kid Halloween Food

From: KidFriendlyThingsToDo


6. Double Chocolate Oreo Halloween Dirt Cake Recipe


Well everyone loves Oreo Dirt Cake, but it’s even better when it’s double chocolate! You can adapt this recipe for any holiday or birthday and just decorate accordingly. This recipe is very easy and yummy.

From: TheSemisweetSisters


7. Oreo Monster Pops


Making these was more fun than I predicted.  Imagine me, by myself in my kitchen, putting together monsters, and giggling each time I finished one.

From: BonBonBreak


8. Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Oreos


Okay. I have a confession. I’m addicted to chocolate and Oreo’s. I had so much fun with the chocolate mummies that I had to make some cute Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Oreo’s. Sometimes I think Halloween treats need to be goofy so these little guys needed to be fun with wonky eyes and cute green noses.

From: TheBearfootBaker


9. Spooky Bat Oreo Brownies


These Spooky Bat Brownies are a fun and delicious treat for Halloween parties and sharing with friends! Fudgy brownies with a layer of Oreos in the middle topped with a whipped vanilla buttercream, fudge sauce, and another Oreo for good measure.

From: SomethingSwanky


10. Halloween Witch Hat Cookies


Halloween Witch Hat Cookies are an easy NO BAKE Halloween treat ready in 15 minutes or less! Oreo Cookies, Hershey Kisses, Candy Melts and some icing and your are good to go! These bite sized Halloween Witch Hat cookies are easy to make and the kids will love them! Perfect for classroom parties!

From: PrincessPinyGirl


11. Halloween Black Cat Oreos


This Halloween Black Cat Oreo Recipe is super easy to make and will be a hit at your Halloween Party or you Kids’ Class Parties at School! I love this this is a simple recipe but with your own homemade royal icing! Your kids will love helping you make these in the kitchen! You could even make these at a Halloween Party or a Fall Party and let the kids make their own!

From: PassionForSavings


12. Oreo Reese’s Fudge Brownies


These homemade Oreo Reese’s Fudge Brownies are thick, rich, and fudgy – just the way a brownie should be! These make an easy Halloween dessert, too!

From: BackForSeconds


13. Halloween Oreo Truffles


Not too scary but so delicious, Halloween Oreo Truffles are as much fun to make as they are to eat. Monsters or bats you choose!  An EASY Halloween treat that the kids will love to make.

From: ButterAndBaggage


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