9 Fun & Simple Halloween Marshmallow Ideas

Everyone has a bag of marshmallows lying around somewhere, so why not put them to use this Halloween and try one of these unique Halloween creations?  These are great little treats for kids and adults alike!

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1. Halloween Monster Marshmallows


This project is a great one for kids of all ages because the imperfections really make the marshmallows look even more like monsters.

From: FindingZest


2. Wormy Marshmallow Monsters


Jumbo marshmallows and gummy worms come alive in Wormy Marshmallow Monsters. This fun and ooey Halloween Treat is a great treat for parties!

From: WhoNeedsACape


3. Candy Corn Marshmallow Pops


Candy Corn … is there a more iconic Halloween candy?  People love it or hate it … we love it.  But since not all people do we have come up with a Candy Corn themed dessert that doesn’t actually contain any candy corn!  It does however feature Marshmallows which is a major ingredient of actual candy corn (but you don’t have to tell your candy corn hating Halloween party guests that little tidbit!)

From: TwoSistersCrafting


4. Halloween Marshmallow Pops


If you are headed to a Halloween party or need to take treats to school, try these. It’s nearly impossible to mess them up. You should be able to find the Halloween Sprinkles at your grocery store or Target. If not, check a craft store. Also if you can’t find cute sticks like the ones I used, just use plain sticks for dipping, then slide some paper straws over them so they look cuter.

From: SimplyShellie


5. Chocolate Covered Halloween Marshmallow Pops


Looking for a fun Halloween dessert that your family will love? How about Halloween Marshmallow Pops? Easy to make and super delicious, these chocolate covered Marshmallow Pops would be a great treat for this year’s Halloween Party.

From: TwoSistersCrafting


6. Marshmallow Monsters


Since they were so easy last year, I decided to try a marshmallow dessert again. Everyone really liked them and kids of all ages could actually make them, without any help from adults. I saw the colored candy melts on sale so I figured Marshmallow Monsters would be the perfect spooky sweet treat!

From: WorkingMomMagic


7. Jack Skellington Halloween Marshmallow Pops


What’s this? What’s this? These Jack Skellington Halloween marshmallow pops are perfect for spooking your little trick or treaters.

From: CrumbsCorkscrews


8. Marshmallow Boo Treats


Marshmallow Ghost Boo Treats- these are so simple and so much fun to make, my kids where so excited for these, they make a great party favor for a Halloween party!

From: TheKeeperOfTheCheerios


9. Marshmallow Mummy Pops


Let the Halloween BOO’ing begin!  Have some friends, family, or neighbors that you would love to share some Halloween spirit with?  BOO It Forward with these fun Marshmallow Mummy Pops and share them in these fun and simple Halloween BOO Bags complete with lots of MARS® and Wrigley® Fun Size Candy and a card letting them know they’ve been BOO’d!  You’ll start a fun fall tradition that will get everyone into the spirit of the season!

From: DelightfulEMade


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