11 Simple and Tasty Fish Recipes

I usually prepare dinners using either chicken or beef, not even thinking of the other possibilities.  Fish are a perfect way to add a new flavor to the table, and these eleven recipes are some of my favorite!

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1. Maple Walnut Crusted Salmon


Now, with a name such as Maple Walnut Crusted Salmon, one might expect this dish to be overly sweet but surprisingly, it doesn’t taste very sugary at all. Instead, the maple syrup delivers very subtle hints of sweetness to your taste buds, while the smokiness of the paprika and the faint kick from the chipotle pepper brilliantly complement and help keep that sweetness level in check. Add to that the rich, creamy flavor of the ghee, the slight tanginess of the vinegar and the buttery crunch of the walnuts, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

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2. Grilled Halibut


Easy and delicious grilled halibut recipe with honey and lemon will have you falling in love with fish for the first time, or all over again! Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal ready in just minutes!

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3. Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Salmon


Creamy garlic butter tuscan salmon is restaurant quality pan seared salmon in a delicious creamy sauce with spinach, sun dried tomatoes and parmesan!

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4. Prosciutto-Wrapped Cod with lemon Caper Spinach


Who says elegant dinners need to take all day? Seriously, no one has time for that. This delicious meal only takes 20 minutes to make. Total. It couldn’t be easier. And, of course, the flavors in this dish are just amazing.

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5. Teriyaki Pineapple Salmon


Teriyaki pineapple salmon give you a delicious twist usual seafood recipe. Enjoy fresh pan-seared salmon smothered in delicious sweet and tangy sauce topped with caramelized pineapple!

From: UnicornsInTheKitchen


6. 20 Minute Lemon, Garlic, and Herb Baked Cod


This recipe is so easy to throw together – even on those nights when you really don’t feel like cooking (!!!) – and just bursts with healthy, fresh flavor.

From: BakerByNature


7. Sweet Chili Garlic Glazed Salmon


A five star salmon recipe with a delicious sweet chili garlic glaze on top.  The glaze caramelizes the salmon as it broils and will become an instant favorite that you will make again and again!

From: TheRecipeCritic


8. Blackened Catfish Over Cajun Rice


This simplified dish paired well with the flavorful catfish making for a very rich meal with a healthier spin on traditional New Orleans cuisine. Now if I could just figure out how to make some authentic Café Du Monde beignets for dessert…

From: KitchenSwagger


9. Pan-Seared Salmon with Creamy Avocado Sauce


Avocado is the perfect topping for salmon. It’s tastes like a combination of pesto and avocado sauce. The foundation of the sauce is fresh avocado, with added cream and olive oil to make the sauce a little thinner.

From: KitchenSwagger


10. Blackened Fish Burger & Sriracha Mayo


This blackened fish burger + sriracha mayo is a quick and easy weeknight meal that is healthy and bursting with flavor!  Ready and on your table in 30 minutes!

From: OhSweetBasil


11. Country Oven Fried Fish


Here’s a deliciously simple oven fried fish recipe that is perfect for any night of the week. No need to mess around with the deep fryer, this recipes bakes right in the oven with a nice crispy breading. You can use just about any kind of fish you’d like, but a good white fish such as cod is perfect. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also one of the tastiest, flakiest fish available.

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