25 Spooky Halloween Drinks and Cocktails

Halloween has some of the best drink and cocktail recipes of the entire year.  Enjoy a relaxing holiday with one of these twenty-five fun Halloween drinks and cocktails.  Many of the cocktail recipes can easily be converted into non-alcoholic beverages by simply taking out the booze!

Article Image From: HomemadeHooplah

1. Halloween Punch Drink – Witch’s Blood


As scary as the name might be, this Halloween Punch Drink is actually a fun and easy drink made with only 3 ingredients! Make this Witch’s Blood and amaze your guests! Both kids and adults will love it!

From: UnicornsInTheKitchen


2. Bloody Milkshake Halloween Shots


Having a Halloween party?  Then you need these bloody milkshake Halloween shots!!  They’re very simple to make, and use just 5 ingredients!

From: The5OClockChef


3. Eyeball Highball Halloween Cocktail


The Eyeball Highball Halloween Cocktail is an easy Halloween drink that says, “Here’s looking at you, kid!” What could be more fun…or creepy?

From: ThisMamaCooks


4. Black Magic


A black shimmering Halloween or Galaxy cocktail made with black vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup, Black Magic cocktail.

From: ElleTalk


5. Witch Potion Cocktail Recipe


It wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t have a spooky drink on hand to celebrate. I thought the Witch Potion Cocktail Recipe is the perfect addition to your party. In case there are kids at the party, we also included a virgin Witch Potion Cocktail Recipe just for them.

From: PlumCrazyAboutCoupons


6. Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail


A spooky version of a popular Spanish cocktail, Kalimotxo, that mixes wine and cola.

From: WanderSpice


7. Dead Man’s Kiss Cocktail


If you’re seeking scary Halloween drinks for your Halloween get together, how about serving Dead Man’s Kiss, a black vodka cocktail! This cool Halloween cocktail involves making your own black vodka.

From: ThisMamaCooks


8. Dracula’s Bite Jello Shots


Dracula’s Bite Jello Shots are a spiked cherry coke cocktail turned into Halloween party must make! These shots are delicious and super easy to make!

From: BreadBoozeBacon


9. Forbidden Forest Test Tube Shots


Scare up some fun at your Halloween party with these forbidden forest test tube shots!

From: RealHouseMoms


10. Halloween Scorpion Venom Punch


Halloween Scorpion Venom Punch is the most fun and spooky drink and a perfect recipe for Halloween.  Lemon jello adds a bright hue to this drink along with pineapple juice and optional vodka make this drink perfect for adults and children that will put the ‘sting’ into your Halloween party.

From: CulinaryGinger


11. Halloween Vampire Cocktail


Vampire Cocktail is the perfect spooky Halloween drink. Syringes filled with sweetened raspberry puree look gory, but taste amazing!

From: SelfProclaimedFoodie


12. Goulish Green Goblin Halloween Cocktail Recipe


The Ghoulish Green Goblin Halloween Cocktail Recipe is the perfect Halloween party drink. The shimmer gives it an added spookiness.

From: PlumCrazyAboutCoupons


13. Purple People Eater Cocktail


A tasty (and creepy!) cocktail that gets its purple hue from blue curacao, grenadine, and cranberry juice. A perfectly purple cocktail for any party!

From: HomemadeHooplah


14. Black Magic Cocktail


Made with bright citrus and classic vodka, this colorful concoction is as refreshing as a spooky Screwdriver — not to mention insanely simple to prepare, which makes it the perfect drink for theme parties of all kinds.

From: Thrillist


15. Witches Brew Halloween Cocktail


As stunning as it is delicious, this witches brew cocktail is perfect for all your Halloween festivities with it’s eerie greenish yellow color!

From: The5OClockChef


16. Blood Clot Shots


This red Halloween drink may be scary to look at, but with a shot Whiskey, it goes down easy. Our Blood Clot Shots will be a perfect match for your Halloween party, giving it the ultimate Halloween drink to try this year!

From: AWorthyRead


17. Witch’s Potion Drink


My whole family really liked this recipe because it has lime and pineapple and we love those flavors!! Oh yeah – and because we love gummy worms…. AND it’s my favorite type of gummy worm which is green and orange!!

From: LilLuna


18. Toxic Spawn Martini


A Toxic Spawn Martini is the perfect cocktail to serve at an adult Halloween party.

From: MomFoodie


19. Black Widow Venom


This spooky Halloween cocktail – Black Widow Venom – is perfect for either way you want to make it. And with only two simple ingredients, even if you run out you can whip up a batch in no time flat.

From: ThisShabbyCreekCottage


20. Black As Your Soul: Halloween Cocktail


Black As Your Soul is a fun Halloween Cocktail made with lemonade, Bacardi Gold and a pinch of activated charcoal for a spooky-good party drink served in a coupe cocktail glass.

From: SimplyMadeRecipes


21. The Witch’s Heart – Halloween Cocktail


Tis Hallowe’en, And in this brew, The witch will stir, Good luck for you!
Are you brave enough to drink The Witch’s Heart? Here’s the perfect easy-to-make whimsical cocktail for Halloween this year or for any themed party for that matter!

From: TheFlavorBender


22. Purple Halloween Cocktail


The Purple Halloween Cocktail would give you a great flavor of cranberry juice, grenadine and vodka. This is an absolutely great drink that would keep up your Halloween party running.

From: WellChopped


23. Hocus Pocus Halloween Cocktail


Halloween Cocktail for the Adults, which can easily be adjusted by leaving out the rum for a non-alcoholic punch.

From: TheFoodieAffair


24. Witch’s Brew


Classic lime jello mixed with fruit juice, vodka, and a dash of sprite. A perfect Halloween drink for any type of creepy party!

From: HomemadeHooplah


25. Zombitini


After a long, hard day of zombie-ing, even zombie’s need a break. This Zombitini is for all of those hard working zombies out there. Chasing down humans takes a lot of energy, and it can be hard when they get away – or when someone in your horde snags them before you. So at night when you get home, relax to the dulcet tastes of – Zombitini.

From: TotallyTheBomb


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