19 Halloween Candy Bark Recipes

These nineteen Halloween candy bark recipes are the ideal tasty treat for your Halloween festivities.  Make them for adults and children alike!

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1. Pumpkin Patch Candy Bark


Celebrate the season of pumpkins, gourds, and fallen leaves with this super simple and sweet candy treat. Pumpkin Patch Candy Bark is the perfect confection for a fall gathering or just a yummy treat for the kids to enjoy making and eating this season!

From: TheLifeOfJenniferDawn


2. Candy Corn Peanut Bark


White chocolate topped with candy corn and peanuts.  This candy corn peanut bark is the perfect Halloween treat!

From: LiveWellBakeOften


3. Graveyard Chocolate Bark


This graveyard chocolate bark is an easy, spooky Halloween treat you can whip up in minutes.

From: TheDecoratedCookie


4. Halloween Crack


If you can’t wait for Christmas Crack, try Halloween Crack! A quick and fun dessert recipe with saltine crackers covered in chocolate and Halloween candy.

From: LivingLoCurto


5. Pumpkin Butterscotch Bark


Did you know that pumpkin and butterscotch go so well together? They’re kind of like chocolate and peanut butter.

From: FreshAprilFlours


6. Halloween Candy Corn Bark


Sweet and salty Halloween Candy Corn Bark features white chocolate studded with candy corn, pretzels, and peanuts, then drizzled with semisweet chocolate for a fun and tasty treat!

From: FiveHeartHome


7. Leftover Halloween Candy Bark


Three ingredients for a sweet and salty way to use up leftover Halloween candy!

From: StressBaking


8. 10 Minute Creepy Halloween Candy Bark


This 10 Minute Creepy Halloween Candy Bark was a breeze because I actually had some fresh Halloween candies from SweetWorks on hand from a project I had done earlier in the year.

From: SavvySavingCouple


9. Black Cat Halloween Bark


Black Cat Halloween Bark is a fun Halloween candy for all ages and it is so easy to make!

From: MomFoodie


10. Pumpkin Patch Candy Bark


This Pumpkin Patch Candy Bark with Pumpkin Spice flavors is as cute as it is delicious. Perfect for any fall gathering, Halloween party or as a fun recipe for the kids to make!

From: OhMyCreative


11. Easy to Make Halloween Bark


The best part of making any candy bark is that you can easily customize it to your liking! You can use dark chocolate, white chocolate, or even classic candy corn for a pop of color!

From: StylishCravings


12. Easy Halloween Bark


I can’t think of an easier candy treat than this bark. All you do is line a baking tray with chocolate graham crackers, layer the graham crackers with vanilla candy coating or almond bark, and then top with candy. Then just let it cool, break it into pieces, and enjoy!

From: TeepeeGirl


13. Easy Halloween Candy Bark


There are no tricks to make this Easy Halloween Candy Bark. It’s a frightfully fun treat to eat and share with little ghouls and goblins everywhere!

From: MeatloafAndMelodrama


14. Boo Bark


A boo-licious boo bark, a spook-tacular party, and BOO’ing our neighbors and friends!

From: EasyPeazyMealz


15. Super Easy Halloween Party Bark


Break into pieces and serve! My kids love taking this to Halloween parties, or enjoying it at home with Halloween movie night.

From: TheKennedyAdventures


16. Monster Mash Halloween Candy Bark


This festive and fun no-bake Monster Mash Halloween Candy Bark is the perfect sweet treat to scare up some new friends this Halloween

From: AWickedWhisk


17. Witch’s Brew Candy Bark for Halloween


This Witch’s Brew Halloween Bark mimics looking into a bubbling cauldron filled with a witch’s stew! The Halloween candy bark is easy to make and oh so ghoulishly fun.

From: MomFoodie


18. Halloween Candy Bark


Calling all Halloween candy lovers! If plain candy bars aren’t cutting it for your spooky soiree, now you can up your Halloween game with this quick, easy and ghoulish Halloween Candy Bark.

From: JustATaste


19. Halloween Candy Bark


I think you’ll discover that this recipe for Halloween Candy Bark is so easy, and so tasty, you’ll want to make it all year round!

From: GloriousTreats


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