16 Churro Dessert Recipes for Cinnamon Lovers

If you love cinnamon you’ve come to the right place.  With these sixteen churro recipes, you’ll be able to satisfy your taste for cinnamon while enjoying a fun, homemade, dessert!

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1. Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches


A copycat churro ice cream sandwich from the Churro Borough in Los Angeles. These tasty churro ice cream sandwiches are surprisingly super easy to make and one of the best desserts you’ll ever have!

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2. Churro Cupcakes, the Best Cupcake Ever


This is hands down one of my favorite cupcake recipes! This is my go to dessert for any party or get together when I want to WOW everyone!

From: SweetLifeOfAnna


3. Cinnamon Crisps


Easy baked cinnamon crisps (aka churro chips) magically transformed from flour tortillas dusted with cinnamon and sugar to mega yum that you won’t be able to stop munching!

From: CarlsbadCravings


4. Brown Butter Churro Crispy Treats


Brown Butter Churro Crispy Treats are absolutely positively not something that you should make at midnight, keep within a 9-inch radius of your person at your desk then next morning, then carry on a road trip with the honorable intention of bringing them home to “share with family.” Just don’t. The situation will end in sticky, buttery, cinnamony marshmallow shame.

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5. Churro Cream Puffs


Are you craving a pastry? I bet these incredibly easy and delicious churro cream puffs will be your go-to recipe! They are sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and filled with a cinnamon whipped cream. Just one bite and you’ll be addicted!

From: CookieDoughAndOvenMitt


6. Churro French Toast


Possibly the BEST French Toast ever! Churro French toast equals thick slices of rich Challah soaked in an egg mixture and fried to perfection. THEN coated in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with cream cheese icing. Keep reading for my best French Toast tips and the full recipe!

From: HandleTheHeat


7. Brazilian Churro Mini Cupcakes


Yes! Delicious dulce de leche! And they are coated with sugar and cinnamon. They sometimes can be filled with cream or chocolate, but for me, these two options just don’t exist 🙂 . So this cupcake has a batter that tastes like churros, dulce de leche filling and frosting and it’s coated with sugar and a little cinnamon.

From: TravelCookTell


8. Cinnamon and Sugar Pumpkin Churro Recipe


There’s a lot of things that I love most during the fall months, but my favorite has to be anything pumpkin and a nice hot coffee with my favorite creamer! So, I’ve decided to mix the two together for this delicious and easy Cinnamon and Sugar Pumpkin Churro Recipe. If you love pumpkin everything, then this is definitely right up your alley.

From: SimplyTodayLife


9. Nutella Stuffed Churros


Nutella Stuffed Churros feature a homemade pastry that is deep fried until golden, coated in sweet cinnamon sugar, and stuffed with Nutella. TO DIE FOR!

From: HandleTheHeat


10. Homemade Churros


Water, butter, sugar and salt go in a sauce pan. Simmer this until the butter and sugar have melted. Then add flour and mix vigorously until you get nice smooth soft churro dough.

From: HappysFoodsTube


11. Best Chocolate Churros Ever


Are you ready for the ultimate churros ever? Bellow is the recipe for the best chocolate churros ever and you’ll just love the way they smell and taste. Trust me when I say, this one will be your absolute favorite churros ever!

From: MySweetZepol


12. Churro Poppers


Who can turn down a good churro? Not me, that’s for sure! Especially when they’re still warm, and soft on the inside, crisp and sugary on the outside. These churro poppers are a fun way to enjoy homemade churros without all the work of piping the dough. They’re delicious little bites of cinnamon sugary goodness!

From: LilLuna


13. Churro Cheesecake Crunch Cake


What happens when you combine a Mexican fair favorite with a classic Italian dessert? You get this incredibly indulgent Churro Cheesecake Crunch Cake. We take the addictive cinnamon flavors from a churro and layer them with the creamy goodness of cheesecake, all in one impressive no-bake dessert. This simple recipe takes minimal effort to whip up and is perfect for parties and celebrations.

From: GoodCook


14. Churro Apple Pie Bowls & Caramel Sauce


The ultimate pie! churro apple pie bowls: where two desserts become one! apple pie filling is served in real churro donut bowls instead of the traditional pie pastry, and drizzled with an easy, homemade caramel sauce, to make the most incredible pie!

From: CafeDelites


15. Churro Cupcakes


These Churro Cupcakes fit the bill – they’re moist cinnamon spiced cupcakes topped with a luscious vanilla buttercream and garnished with a crispy baked churro. They’re positively divine for any serious cinnamon lover, and they have the same churro taste in a sweet and fluffy cupcake. In one word? Irresistible!

From: TheDomesticRebel


16. Churro Ice Cream Bowls


Churro ice cream bowls (cups) to feed that inner churro craving. crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and exactly how a churro should be. without deep frying, and still crispy? yes! with a no-fail method before baking, no one can tell the difference between these and store bought. the exception is these may taste better than store bought. huge call to make, but hey, i’m being honest.

From: CafeDelites


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