10 Simple Jam Recipes to Make at Home

If you’ve never made jam at home before, now is your chance to try it!  These are great recipes that will allow you to preserve fruits in jam form for a long time.

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1. Spiced Plum Jam


I’m personally not a fan of savory type plum sauces as I don’t eat plum sauce with meat or thai food. But a spicy sweet jam? Oh lovely!

From: FamilyFoodGarden


2. Pear Jam


I picked up a few pears last week and as it turned out nobody ate them.  So this morning I decided to turn the rather ripe pears into a batch of yummy homemade  jam.

From: OneHundredDollarsAMonth


3. Banana Jam


You are going to love this delicious banana jam recipe!

From: ConfessionsOfAnOverWorkedMom


4. Carrot Jam


This delicious 3-ingredient carrot jam is based on a recipe from 1865. It’s bright, tasty and super-easy with no unusual equipment needed. It tastes like apricot jam!

From: VeggieDesserts


5. Apple Butter or Apple Jam


Apple butter goes back to the Middle ages era. The roots of apple butter started in Europe, with monasteries having lots of apples. Making apple butter is the best way to use and conserve fruits.

From: MyKeuken


6. Pineapple & Passion Fruit Jam


The best thing about homemade jam is that you can pretty much mix any of your favourite fruits.  Also, you can make jam that contain much less sugar than store bought equivalent.  Delicious on toasts, this pineapple & passion fruit jam is low in sugar and high in fruit.

From: TheFlexitarian


7. Simple Blueberry Jam


I can’t tell you how amazing this Simple Blueberry Jam is, the depth of flavour is incredible totally delicious.

From: FabFood4All


8. Homemade Mixed Berry Jam


This Homemade Mixed Berry Jam recipe is so delicious you’ll want to put it on everything from pancakes and toast to waffles and ice cream.  Or eat it right from the jar!

From: SuburbanSimplicity


9. Mango Peach Jam


Peaches are one of my favorite fruit. I like them in any shape or form, whether fresh or in a Peach Crumb Cake Bars or Bisquick Peach Cobbler.  In order to preserve them and prolong their season, I combined them with mangoes and turned them into delicious jam.

From: KitchenNostalgia


10. Blueberry Lavender Jam


The first time the aromatics of the blueberry lavender jam hit me, I knew it would be wonderfully good.  Deep dark berry tone, freshened by floral and clean notes – this blueberry lavender jam is summer in a jar.

From: NittyGrittyLife


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