13 Toffee Recipes for Christmas

Every year the Christmas season allows us to indulge in a lot of annual pleasures, like listening to Christmas music or decorating trees.  One of the best things to indulge in is Christmas toffee!!  Try one of these thirteen toffee recipes!

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1. Chocolate Peanut Pretzel Toffee Bars


Chocolate peanut pretzel toffee bars – caramel, peanuts, two kinds of chocolate, pretzels and toffee bits all come together in this amazing bar cookie!

From: LetDishRecipes


2. Easy Cracker Toffee


Easy Cracker Toffee is so quick and simple, and the sweet and salty mix from the chocolate and Ritz crackers tastes delicious!

From: ButterWithASideOfBread


3. Toffee with Chocolate, Almonds, and Pecans


Toffee slathered with chocolate, sprinkled with crushed pecans on a bed of toasted almonds.  If your are not a toffee addict yet, this will make one out of you.

From: CarlsbadCravings


4. Toffee Bars


A brown sugar cookie crust topped with chocolate, toffee bits, and pecans makes for rich-and-delicious Toffee Bars.  They’re my Mom’s absolute favorite, so they’ve got  to be good!

From: TheKitchenIsMyPlayground


5. Best Butter Almond English Toffee


Grandma Nash’s Best Butter Almond English Toffee is one to be handed down through generations.  The crunchy, buttery toffee and toasted almonds with a thick layer of chocolate makes this one of our favorite candies and a Christmas tradition that we love to share with friends & neighbors!

From: HouseOfNashEats


6. Bacon & Whiskey Caramel Marshmallow Toffee


Nothing says “I love you” quite like chocolate, bacon, and whiskey, am I right?!

From: TheKurtzCorner


7. Toffee Bars


These Toffee Bars are the quickest, easiest, and most delicious to make…ever!  This bar is the perfect marriage of toffee crust, chocolate, and pecans. This pan of bars never lasts very long when made.

From: GlitterAndGoulash


8. Pumpkin Spice Cracker Toffee


This Pumpkin Spice Cracker Toffee recipe is full of sweet spices and rich chocolate! This easy homemade toffee begins with graham crackers, making this pumpkin toffee recipe a cinch to make! Homemade cracker toffee is the perfect fall dessert or Thanksgiving dessert!

From: ALatteFood


9. Better Than Anything Toffee


I have my personal favorites that never fail to make an appearance each holiday season and this Better Than Anything Toffee recipe is one of those.

From: MomOnTimeout


10. Quick and Easy Trim Healthy Mama Toffee


Nothing says Christmas to me like toffee. This recipe makes it possible for you to enjoy the buttery, nutty, chocolate-y flavor of toffee while sticking with your Trim Healthy Mama diet!

From: MargeauxVittoria


11. Easy Graham Cracker Toffee


Easy Graham Cracker Toffee-you only need 5 ingredients to make this delicious and addicting toffee! It is the perfect treat for the holiday season.

From: TwoPeasAndTheirPod


12. Homemade Heath Bars


Here’s an easy recipe for homemade Heath Bars.  These candies have a crispy toffee layer on the bottom topped with chocolate and almonds.

From: RecipeGirl


13. Easy Homemade Toffee


An unbelievably easy, no-fuss, homemade toffee recipe. So addictive, you won’t want to share!

From: DamnDelicious


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