14 Delicious Boozy Milkshakes for the Ultimate Indulgence

For the ultimate indulgence, try one of these fourteen delicious boozy milkshakes.  They are fun and easy to make and taste amazing!  Just don’t have too much!

Article Image From: SpicesInMyDNA

1. Boozy Cinnamon Dolce Milkshake


This Boozy Cinnamon Dolce Milkshake has all the flavors of your favorite latte in a deliciously sweet, refreshing milkshake! The perfect warm weather treat…..just in time for summer break!

From: LemonTreeDwelling


2. Strawberry White Chocolate Boozy Milkshake


This Strawberry White Chocolate Boozy Milkshake tastes just like a white chocolate covered strawberry!  Thick, rich, sweet and deliciously decadent, these over the top milkshakes are the perfect way to stay cool!  Get your summer party started and turn your milkshake into an adult affair with these next level alcoholic shakes!

From: NoSpoonNecessary


3. Coconut Key Lime Pie Boozy Milkshake


These deliciously decadent milkshakes taste just like a dreamy mash up of coconut cream pie and key lime pie with a boozy touch!

From: NoSpoonNecessary


4. Kahlua Pumpkin Spice Caramel Mudslide


This boozy concoction blends the flavors of pumpkin and coffee into a delightful smooth and creamy cocktail perfect for Halloween, fall parties, and even Thanksgiving!

From: ACorkForAndPassport


5. Pineapple Milkshake


Pineapple milkshake for two, made with grilled pineapple, coconut sorbet, and rum. So much rum!

From: DessertForTwo


6. Boozy S’Mores Milkshakes


These Boozy S’mores Milkshakes are filled with chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, coffee liquer, milk, and dark chocolate fudge sauce. As if that wasn’t enough, they get topped with whipped cream, more chocolate fudge sauce, and toasted marshmallows!

From: SpicesInMyDNA


7. Vegan Boozy Creamsicle Milkshake


This orange and vanilla cream boozy milkshake is the vegan milkshake of your dreams! Creamsicle perfection! Tart and sweet, creamy and boozy.

From: RabbitAndWolves


8. Peppermint Adult (or not) Milkshakes


Make Peppermint Milk Shakes for the Adults or for the Kids – either way it’s a really delightful treat!

From: WhoNeedsACape


9. Bushwackers


How to make a Bushwacker, the creamy, boozy milkshake made with ice cream, Kahlúa, and rum popular at many beach bars in Alabama. This easy cocktail recipe is a fun summertime beverage great for entertaining and even for serving as dessert.

From: Memeinge


10. Ultimate Frozen Chocolate Mudslide


The mudslide is an iconic frozen drink concoction that you’ll find available at nearly every chain restaurant/bar… but did you know it’s super easy to make at home?  Plus, you can customize it to your tastes, and the refills are always free!

From: The5OClockChef


11. Wine Milkshakes


Wine Milkshakes – With just two ingredients, this is the easiest boozy drink you will ever make. Just blend dessert wine and vanilla ice cream and you are on your way to having the best adult milkshake you can imagine!

From: CertifiedPastryAficionado


12. White Russian Milkshake


Part dessert and part cocktail, totally delicious! White Russian Milkshake is simply a decadent treat. Thick, creamy & oh so good!

From: WhoNeedsACape


13. Boozy Oreo & Chocolate Cream Milkshake


This  Boozy Oreo & Chocolate Cream Milkshake is a straight up “eat your feelings” situation. Giant scoops of chocolate ice cream are blended with whole milk, heavy cream, Oreo cookies, chocolate liqueur, and vodka. This “eat your feelings” milkshake is topped with more scoops of chocolate ice cream, Oreo cookies, and melted chocolate!

From: MindOverBatter


14. Boozy Irish Coffee Milkshake with Baileys Caramel Drizzle


It’s party time! Make sure this Boozy Irish Coffee Milkshake with Baileys Caramel Drizzle is invited. Based off an Irish Coffee, it has vanilla ice cream, espresso powder, and Jameson whiskey. For the badass version, you can add a Baileys Caramel Sauce and Baileys Irish Cream Whipped Cream.

From: MegIsWell


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