16 Easy and Delicious Holiday Cookies

During the Holiday season you’re most likely going to be baking as much as you can!  With these sixteen easy and delicious Holiday cookies you will not be disappointed with what you make!

Article Image From: MelsKitchenCafe

1. White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies


These White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies are the best ginger cookies around! They’ll quickly become a new favorite holiday cookie!

From: CookingClassy


2. Red Velvet Snowflake Cookie


These Red Velvet Snowflake Cookies are just perfect to make as soon as the cool weather hits!

From: CreatedByDiane


3. Christmas Lights Cookie


Christmas Lights Cookies with a small batch of royal icing and mini M&Ms as Christmas Lights.

From: DessertsForTwo


4. Candy Cane Sugar Cookies


Amazing tasting Candy Cane Sugar Cookies! My all-time favourite sugar cookie recipe is perfect for making decorative cut out cookies.

From: ArtAndTheKitchen


5. Soft Maple Sugar Cookies


Soft maple sugar cookies. Just saying the name of this delicate and delicious little cookie makes my mouth water. They’re perfect for the holidays or any time you’re craving a sweet sugar cookie that literally melts in your mouth.

From: DearCrissy


6. Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies


Gingerbread crinkle cookies are a must-try during the holidays. They are chewy, full of ginger flavor and coated in sugar with exposed cookie cracks.

From: IfYouGiveABlondeAKitchen


7. Christmas M&M Mini Cookies


This fun holiday take on a traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie is the perfect bite of cookie goodness – yum, yum, yum.  They are rich, and sweet and the Red and Green M&M’s add the much needed festive Holiday theme.

From: TwoSistersCrafting


8. Peppermint Melt-away Cookies


Meltaway Cookies now in a new, special Christmas Edition – in a little more festive suit, with a touch of Peppermint Buttercream Frosting and crispy little candy cane crumbs. And YES they DO melt in your mouth…do I need to say more ?

From: CakesCottage


9. Candy Cane Kiss Cookies


Festive sugar cookies and chocolate cookies stuffed with a Candy Cane Hershey Kiss. Soft, chewy, and easy to make!

From: SallysBakingAddiction


10. Cinnamon Roll Cookies


Ok so here’s basically what’s happening. You prepare them just like you make cinnamon rolls, but without the yeast, dough rising, and all that razzmatazz.

From: SallysBakingAddiction


11. Peppermint Candy Cane Christmas Cookies


These old-fashioned Candy Cane Christmas Cookies are so just darling for holiday baking! Red and white peppermint cookies dough, twisted into a sweet little candy cane shape. This recipe for candy cane cookies is just like the cookies I remember trying when I was a kid. They aren’t overly sweet, just a wonderful combination of vanilla and peppermint flavor. They go perfectly with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

From: Number2Pencil


12. Homemade Peppermint Patties


Cute, delicious, and perfect for the holidays, these homemade peppermint patties are so easy to make (video tutorial included in post!).

From: MelsKitchenCafe


13. Peppermint Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies


These Peppermint Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies are so easy, delicious and super freezer friendly.  You will need some peppermint kisses though so start keeping your eyes open for those.  They do go fast this time of year.

From: SmallTownWoman


14. Soft Batch Christmas Sprinkle Cookies


Soft Batch Christmas Sprinkle Cookies are a super easy holiday sugar cookie – no rolling the dough required! Packed with red and green sprinkles, perfect for the holidays!  These sprinkle sugar cookies are the best, easiest, Christmas cookies around!

From: TheSaltyMarshmallow


15. Buckeye Balls (Peanut Butter Balls)


This recipe for buckeye balls is the classic peanut butter balls dipped in dark or white chocolate. An easy no bake holiday dessert!

From: DinnerAtTheZoo


16. Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies


The classic combination of chocolate and peppermint make these dark chocolate candy cane cookies the perfect treat for the Holiday!

From: LivForCake


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