14 Cider Cocktails for the Fall and Winter Seasons

During these cold Fall and Winter months you’ll want to step up your game on the cocktail front with these fourteen cider cocktails.  They are not a challenge to make and they taste so delicious!

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1. Cranberry Ginger Cider Cocktail


This simple cider cocktail combines apple cider, ginger beer, and fresh cranberries for a ridiculously easy happy hour!

From: SweetPeasAndSaffron


2. Apple Cider Margarita


Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes all things apple cider. We’re putting a twist on the classic margarita with more tequila, lime juice, and tons of apple cider to make an Apple Cider Margarita!

From: AWortheyRead


3. Apple Cider Hot Toddy


There is only the slightest hint of a Bourbon taste in this sweet fall drink, which is just perfect for sipping on chilly (or balmy should you live in Charleston) fall evenings. The mixture is even versatile in that you can add more alcohol should your taste buds enjoy the flavor, but I’m completely satisfied with the amount for which the recipe calls.

From: AimeeMars


4. Sparkling Caramel Apple Cider


This 5-minute-or-less caramel apple cider cocktail is perfect for any fall day with a caramel-brown sugar rim for sweetness!

From: NutritionistReviews


5. Apple Cider Kill Devil Mule


I love a good mule. And it’s time to get creative.  A boozy burst of pecan and honey rum blended with ginger beer and sweet apple cider makes a delicious cocktail for any time of the year.

From: HomeAndPlate


6. The Apple Jack Martini


Add all ingredients and ice to a shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with an apple slice. Enjoy!

From: MyStyleVita


7. Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail


Pretty much the perfect Fall treat, this Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail is sweet with caramel and apple cider but with the perfect punch from vodka!

From: CreativeCulinary


8. Apple Cider Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail


Apple cider bourbon whiskey cocktails are easy and made using a crock pot. Perfect for fall weather and football season!

From: GrowingUpGabel


9. 2-Ingredient Apple Cider Mimosas


Apple cider mimosas are the perfect fall twist on a classic drink. These are great for brunch or any occasion that calls for champagne!

From: WhatTheForkFoodBlog


10. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail


The optional luster dust gives the cocktail it’s mystical red and golden swirls, which make for one eerily beautiful drink!

From: The5OClockChef


11. Sparkling Apple Cider Mimosas


So here is the super, super simple recipe if you would like to try it as well.  I have an alcoholic version with sparkling wine and a non alcoholic version so the kiddos don’t feel left out.

From: MyFrugalAdventures


12. Spiced Pomegranate Cider Cocktail


Spiced Pomeranate Cider Cocktail, easy recipe for a hot (or cold) fall cider cocktail with pomegranate liqueur, juice, cinnamon schnapps, and apple cider.

From: SnappyGourmet


13. Fireball Cider Cocktail


Fireball cider cocktails are a great hot drinks to enjoy during the winter months, especially on holidays such as Halloween or Christmas time.

From: WhatsCookingAmerica


14. Apple Cider Irish Mule


This Apple Cider Irish Mule is a twist on the Irish Mule I shared earlier this year.  And an Irish Mule is just a variation on the traditional Moscow Mule, but it uses whiskey instead of vodka.

From: FoxAndBriar


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