15 Vegan Soup Recipes to Make on Cold Winter Days

There is nothing better on a cold winter day than a nice warm bowl of soup.  Try one of these fifteen vegan soup recipes today!

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1. High Protein Vegan Lasagna Soup


This vegan vegetable lasagna soup is everything you love about veggie lasagna in cozy, delicious soup form!

From: AuliasKitchen


2. Vegan Lentil Soup


Creamy, hearty, easy vegan lentil soup with mushrooms is sure to warm and nourish on cold days.

From: YummyMummyKitchen


3. Vegan French Onion Soup


This Vegan French Onion Soup will make you cry happy tears! It’s loaded with savory flavors from caramelized onions, broth infused bread and bubbly gooey ‘cheese’.

From: VeganHuggs


4. Chickpea Rice and Kale Soup


It’s easy to make, gluten-free and oh-so-creamy with a touch of blended cashews.  More kale and carrots, and you can make it your own. Just about any hearty green can substitute for the kale, any root veggies are also an easy swap for the carrots.

From: WellVegan


5. Quinoa Soup with Kale and Potatoes


This quinoa soup with kale, potatoes, and carrots has been one of my favorite soups for a really long time. It’s super easy to make, packed with nutrients, and so yummy! Besides, it’s of course vegan and also gluten-free!

From: VeganHeaven


6. Vegan White Lasagna Soup


This Vegan White Lasagna Soup is addictive, easy, healthy, so rich and creamy and full of protein! Hearty and cheesy soup, flavored with Italian spices. Then lasagna noodles are cooked in this perfect broth. It tastes just like an amazing white lasagna. It is so comforting and all I want right now on the cold nights!

From: RabbitAndWolves


7. Lentil Taco Soup


Super easy yet incredibly flavorful Lentil Black Bean Taco Soup! A family-friendly meal that everyone can load up with their own favorite toppings. (Vegan, gluten-free, oil-free)

From: TheGardenGrazer


8. Creamy Potato Cauliflower Soup


Creamy potato cauliflower soup gets it’s creaminess from the cauliflower. It’s blended to create the perfect base.  Then the soup is loaded with with chunky potatoes to keep it hearty and textured.

From: WhereYouGetYourProtein


9. Easy Vegan Potato Soup


A simple but delicious vegan potato soup recipe that can be made in the Instant Pot or on the stovetop. So creamy, comforting and easy to make!

From: NoraCooks


10. Italian Vegan Garbanzo Bean Soup


This vegan soup is not only packed with flavor but it’s also super healthy and easy to make. I usually don’t eat soups in the summer, but I could really imagine eating this Italian chickpea tomato soup in the warmer seasons as well. But of course, it’s also a great flu fighter for colder fall days. I just love Italian food and its abundance of fresh veggies!

From: VeganHeaven


11. Zuppa Toscana Soup


Did I mention how easy this was to make? Start to finish, it will maybe take you an hour. And it is comforting and perfect for fall and winter. It’s pure and simple peasant food, which is the best kind. It’s also extremely flavorful, just as it is. I add a teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes to give it a little bite.

From: FernsAndPeonies


12. Tomatillo Poblano White Beans


These tomatillo poblano white beans are a warm stew of perfectly creamy beans, tart tomatillos, spicy poblano pepper, onion, cumin, and oregano. They can be made in less than 40 minutes in your Instant Pot.

From: DorasTable


13. Vegan Irish Stew


This Vegan Irish Stew is just so many good things in a bowl it will make your stomach smile. So dang hearty, it’s a stick to your ribs kinda stew. I’m pretty much obsessed with the mixture of chunky vegetables in the rich stout based broth.

From: ItDoesntTasteLikeChicken


14. Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower Potato Soup


This cheesy vegan cauliflower potato soup is creamy, filling and bursting with flavour. It’s also gluten-free, Whole30 approved and requires just 1 hour and 10 ingredients.

From: ExSloth


15. Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup


This thick and creamy vegan broccoli cheese soup recipe is loaded with “cheesy” goodness that will quench your craving for comfort food any night of the week. Kid-friendly, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free.

From: StaceyHomemaker


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