16 Delicious Cornbread Recipes for Thanksgiving

In my opinion, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a wonderful basket of cornbread in the middle of the table.  They are just so tasty, especially with butter on top.  Try one of these recipes this Thanksgiving!

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1. Pumpkin Cornbread


This Pumpkin Cornbread is terrific served with a little honey butter, and it’s really great dunked into chili too.

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2. Blueberry Cornbread


Blueberry cornbread – traditional cornbread gets even better with the addition of sweet blueberries.

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3. Buttery Sweet Corn Bread


Today I’m sharing my recipe for Buttery Sweet Corn Bread! A moist tender quick bread that goes perfectly with your favorite chili or bowl of soup!

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4. Southern Skillet Cornbread


Southern skillet cornbread is a staple in our house. I will show you my method for made-from-scratch cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillet.

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5. Honey Skillet Cornbread


There’s no refined sugar, so I don’t feel so bad polishing it off in 2 days. For a heartier texture, try using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose. I don’t recommend leaving out or subbing the butter because that’s where 90% of the flavor comes from. You’ll love it too!

From: SallysBakingAddiction


6. Sweet Cornbread


I love cornbread. I honestly had never made it from scratch until I tried this recipe. Normally, I would buy those little boxes from Jiffy and call it good. But now that I know how easy and worth it is to just make myself I don’t think I can go back to the box mixes anymore.

From: LifeInTheLofthouse


7. Sweet and Buttery Cornbread


I think this sweet cornbread recipe tastes just like the cornbread I grew up on! Sweet and perfect right out of the oven, we were all in heaven.

From: FindingZest


8. Bacon Cornbread


Bacon Cornbread Recipe – homemade sweet cornbread packed with fresh corn and bacon – recipe from The Biltmore in Asheville, NC. SO delicious! How could it not be with yummy bacon?!?! Ready in 30 minutes.

From: PlainChicken


9. Grandma’s Sweet Cornbread


You don’t even know what I’m sharing with you right now. This is literally a family favorite at every dinner. She makes it for thanksgiving, Christmas, easter, birthdays, wedding, potlucks- you name it! It is slightly sweet and incredibly moist- and super easy to make.

From: CookingManiac


10. Homemade Cornbread


You almost can’t mess up corn bread when you cook it this way. It will be heavenly!  Y’all enjoy your fall weekend and let me know how your corn bread turns out!

From: TheHillHangout


11. Homestyle Cornbread


This homestyle cornbread is a perfect mix of savory southern cornbread and sweet northern cornbread… fluffy and soft, it’s the only recipe you’ll need!

From: TheChunkyChef


12. Easy Homemade Cornbread


Every great Thanksgiving recipes needs the perfect side dish – this Homemade Cornbread Recipe is so easy to make and has been called “the best cornbread ever” by many readers.

From: SixSistersStuff


13. Super Moist Cornbread with Corn and Cheese


Been looking for a moist cornbread recipe? You’d almost swear there was pudding in this super moist easy homemade cornbread recipe. With creamed corn, cheese and jalapenos, this will soon become your family favorite.

From: HighlandsRanchFoodie


14. Hot Water Cornbread


Cornbread is just a staple in the South.  There aren’t many meals that aren’t perfectly complemented by a golden brown skillet of it.  That said, we do have our variations.  And Hot Water Cornbread is one of them.

From: SouthernBite


15. Sour Cream Corn Bread


Cornbread is a winter time staple as it pairs perfectly with soup and chili. This Sour Cream Corn Bread recipe can be made ahead of time and due to the sour cream, stays moist and tender.

From: KitchenConcoctions


16. Disney Cornbread


I’m obsessed with this cornbread and it’s hard for me to exhibit enough self-control to not fill up on cornbread before our actual meal arrives at the table.

From: KitchenDreaming


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