10 Tasty Christmas Punch Recipes With or Without Alcohol

If you’re in need of a good Christmas punch recipe, with or without alcohol, then you’ve come to the right place!  Tasty, festive, and easy to make!

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1. Raspberry Crush


The best party punch recipe is a non-alcoholic punch called raspberry crush. It has fruit flavors of raspberry and pineapple blended with crushed ice. It’s one of my favorite easy party punch recipes and a refreshing drink that all your party guests will enjoy.

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2. Sparkling Holiday Citrus Pomegranate Punch – Only 4 Ingredients!


Sparkling Holiday Citrus Pomegranate Punch is a perfect non-alcoholic punch for all your special occasions. With only four ingredients it’s easy to make ahead too. Easy and delicious!

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3. Easy Grinch Punch


However, we are jazzing it up a bit to make the best Christmas punch recipe! The kids just love it and to be honest, the adults love this holiday punch recipe too!

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4. Christmas Day Punch


Christmas Day Punch – A lovely fruity punch for the grown-ups. A great way to keep your guest’s drinks topped up!

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5. Easy Cranberry Christmas Punch


This Cranberry Christmas Punch is not overly sweet but it is overly delicious!  It’s bubbly, slightly sweet, tangy… and well, just down right tasty!

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6. Cranberry Pineapple Punch


Cranberry pineapple punch is my new go-to party cocktail.  It can be made with or without alcohol and it’s perfect for holiday parties!

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7. Spiked Pomegranate Punch


Spiked pomegranate punch with vodka and prosecco, is a festive and easy to make sparkling punch that is perfect for any holiday party!

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8. Cranberry Raspberry Holiday Punch


This cranberry raspberry holiday punch is perfect for all of your holiday parties this year. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sherbet punch or just a delicious non-alcoholic holiday punch, this one will have all of your holiday guests asking for the recipe!

From: PlayPartyPlan

9. Best Christmas Punch Recipe: Santa’s Little Helper!


Personally, I use champagne as the bubbly in the punch but if you’re hoping NOT to have {double} visions of sugarplums dancing in your head you can substitute Sierra Mist or another lemon/lime soda to make it family friendly.

From: MakingLemonadeBlog

10. Slow Cooker Spiked Cider


Holiday season means entertaining. This slow cooker spiked cider recipe using all-natural fruit will have your house smelling amazing while adding a nice ‘spike’ to your punch.

From: FitSlowCookerQueen


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