9 Fantastic Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Holidays

For all of your Holiday party guests who don’t drink, you need to try one of these fantastic non-alcoholic drinks for them!  Easy to make and super tasty!

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1. Non-Alcoholic Apple Pie Punch


This Non Alcoholic Apple Pie Punch is the perfect virgin drink for fall, winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Strain the apples and it is a kid-friendly punch too!

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2. Sparkling Winter Berry Holiday Cocktail (With Alcohol Free Option)


This Sparkling Winter Berry Holiday Cocktail is the perfect cocktail or mocktail recipe for your holiday parties! It’s deliciously sparkly and bursting with winter flavours, and it’s so easy to make!

From: TheBusyBaker


3. Festive Sparkling Cider


Festive Sparkling Cider is filled with the crisp flavors of fall & sparkling chill of winter making it the perfect non-alcoholic beverage for the holidays!

From: DomesticallyBlissful


4. Almond Punch


It is almost universally loved, and since it’s non-alcoholic, everyone can enjoy it, from the youngest toddler to the oldest adult.

From: ToLoveAndToLearn


5. Virgin Sangria


The key to a great non-alcoholic sangria is rich grape juice for colour and flavor, plus something with a slight tannin-flavor – reminiscent of red wine. For this I use cranberry and raspberry juice.

From: CenterCutCook


6. Non-Alcoholic Christmas Mojito


Let me just say, this festive drink looked and tasted amazing and was an instant hit in my home.  Now, anytime I have guests over, I’ll be sure to whip up this impressive beverage that is made perfect by the addition of the sweet taste of  7UP®!

From: MomUnleashed


7. Salted Caramel Apple Cider


Get ready to taste one of the most delicious drinks of the season! Our salted caramel apple cider recipe is everything you’ve been craving without any of the alcohol you traditionally find in hot winter drinks.

From: OurFamilyWorld


8. Caramel Apple Wassail


Curl up with a delicious Caramel Apple Wassail Recipethat is family friendly, alcohol-free and easy to make! The perfect blend of spices and Apple!

From: BusyCreatingMemories


9. Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate Drink


A non-alcoholic sparkling cranberry lime and pomegranate beverage — perfect for holiday entertaining!

From: ChelseasMessyApron


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