15 Snickerdoodle Recipes for Fall and Winter

If you’re looking for sweet cinnamon flavor in your Fall and Winter baking, try one of these fifteen snickerdoodle recipes for yourself!

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1. Snickerdoodle Apple Pie Bites


Snickerdoodle Apple Pie Bites are the perfect dessert to take to all of those holiday parties! With the snickerdoodle cookie mix they are SO easy to make!

From: ButterWithASideOfBread


2. The Best Pumpkin Snickerdoodles


These pumpkin snickerdoodles have just the right amount of spice, and are soft on the inside with perfectly crisp edges. The flavor is incredible and the texture is unbelievable.

From: ChelseasMessyApron


3. Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies


Snickerdoodle cookies are a family favorite, and these Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies are the perfect way to kick-off the season of all thing pumpkin spice.

From: GirlDishes


4. Big and Chewy Snickerdoodle


Have you been searching for the perfect snickerdoodle recipe?  You know the kind… they are big and soft and chewy and pretty much the perfect cookie texture?   If so, your search is over!!  These are the snickerdoodles you want to make, eat and promptly distribute to those you love… trust me on this one!

From: LandeeSeeLandeeDo


5. Double Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Cookies


Double Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Cookies- Your favorite snickerdoodles, made even better with the addition of cinnamon chips. You will love them!

From: CreationsByKara


6. Snickerdoodle Donut Muffins


End result…the BEST Snickerdoodle Donut Muffins on my first try! They are so easy to make. My family went NUTS over them, so did the neighborhood kids. My little one can’t wait for me to make them again – she loves these donuts!

From: SweetLittleBluebird


7. Snickerdoodle Cream Cheese Apple Pie


Snickerdoodle Cream Cheese Apple Pie is made with a snickerdoodle cookie crust. A layer of cream cheese graces the center along with a chopped apple pie filling. The crumb topping is made with…yes Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough!

From: BunnysWarmOven


8. Snickerdoodle Muffins


My favorite cookie but in MUFFIN form! These snickerdoodle muffins are soft and tender with a cinnamon sugar topping that will keep you coming back for more.

From: TastesBetterFromScratch


9. Snickerdoodle Bread


Like the Snickerdoodle cookie this bread has a crispy cinnamon sugar topping with a sweet, buttery interior. But I’ve added another layer of cinnamony goodness by adding cinnamon to the batter and loading it with luscious cinnamon chips.

From: BarbaraBakes


10. Snickerdoodle Skillet Cake


A thick and chewy snickerdoodle cake baked in a cast iron skillet and topped with ice cream and caramel sauce. A delicious, dessert that’s just perfect for sharing!

From: AnniesNoms


11. Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler


Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler combines 2 favorite desserts into one! Cinnamon apple pie filling is baked inside snickerdoodle cookie dough, then topped with caramel.

From: ButterWithASideOfBread


12. Cheesecake Snickerdoodle Blondies


Blondies are one of my favorite treats and these Snickerdoodle Blondies with a cheesecake filling are the perfect dessert when you can’t decide between you can’t decide between a cookie, a brownie or a piece of cheesecake.  Be sure and watch the video below to see just how easy it is to make these Cheesecake Snickerdoodle Blondies.

From: YourHomeBasedMoms


13. Snickerdoodle Cookies


Snickerdoodle cookies are light and fluffy with the perfect touch of cinnamon. You can make a batch in less than 30 minutes and they taste better as they sit a day or two!

From: StuckOnSweet


14. Best Snickerdoodle Recipe


Super Soft And Full Of Cinnamon – This Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe Is Sure To Be A Hit! They’re One Of Our Most Requested Cookie Recipes And Always Get So Many Compliments!

From: LilLuna


15. Snickerdoodle Bars


Snickerdoodle Bars have the same awesome taste as the classic cookie, but in bar form. You may want to bake 2 pans, they are delicious!

From: WhoNeedsACape


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