15 Magnificent Moscow Mule Recipes

Moscow mules are one of the most enjoyable cocktails that are popular at the moment, and they make the perfect drink for any season or occasion!

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1. Pumpkin Spice Moscow Mule


A sweet and season version of classic ginger beer Moscow Mules, I mixed these cocktail with Pumpkin puree, vanilla vodka, pumpkin pie spice, ginger beer and lime.

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2. Strawberry Moscow Mules


Strawberry Moscow Mules are a super easy way to mix up traditional moscow mules! Serve in a frosty copper mug for the perfect cocktail!

From: BlackberryBabe

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3. Skinny Grapefruit Moscow Mule


This skinny grapefruit Moscow mule recipe is speaking directly to all the moms of the world! The refreshing, lightened-up version of the classic original has less calories, less sugar, but the same level of amazing flavor.

From: PhysicalKitchness

4. Simple Pineapple Moscow Mule


This simple Pineapple Moscow Mule recipe is one you’ll be making over-and-over. It’s super refreshing and perfect for summer!

From: WhatTheForkFoodBlog

5. Strawberry Basil Moscow Mules


The key to a good mule is a few simple components: the freshest of ingredients, (leave those bottled mixes for someone else) crushed ice to quickly cool everything down, and infused vodka for a sugar-free sweet boost.

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6. Blueberry Moscow Mules


Blueberry Moscow Mules are a sweet and delicious twist on the classic 1940’s cocktail that’s been taking the bar scene by storm, the Moscow Mule.  Made with homemade blueberry vodka, lime, ginger beer and muddled mint these are sure to be your next go to cocktail recipe for the simplicity and ease of this deliciously refreshing beverage.

From: StrawberryBlondieKitchen

7. Caramel Apple Moscow Mule Fall Cocktail


A Caramel Apple Moscow Mule is perfect for autumn! Made with sweet caramel vodka, fresh apple cider, and ginger beer it’s sure to become the official cocktail of fall!

From: TidyMom

8. Lavender Moscow Mule


This Lavender Moscow Mule will awaken your tastebuds. It’s extremely refreshing and requires just five ingredients!

From: TheAlmondEater

9. Maple Bourbon Moscow Mule


Real maple syrup, bourbon, and apple cider come together to make a 10/10 Fall cocktail: the Maple Bourbon Moscow Mule.

From: ANerdCooks

10. Apple Cider Moscow Mule


This delicious Apple Cider Moscow Mule is an amazing fall cocktail that blends a moscow mule with the sweet, tart flavor of apple cider.

From: HomemadeInterest

11. Pineapple Moscow Mule


Stir to combine and enjoy. Even some of the tailgaters who aren’t huge beer drinkers loved the Pineapple Moscow Mule. Naturally, once I created this one, I was instantly thinking of what other flavors I could combine to make my next Moscow Mule.

From: FarmWifeDrinks

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12. Cranberry Moscow Mule


The beauty of a great cocktail!! Like with anything food wise you want your eyes to be first enchanted and then you taste buds awakened. This Cranberry Moscow Mule recipe has it all and is perfect for the coming holiday season!!

From: NoshingWithTheNolands

13. Mini Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktail


Mint Strawberry Moscow Mule is the perfect summer cocktail. Made with vodka and ginger beer, its super easy and our go to drink these days!

From: MyFoodStory

14. Cherry Limeade Moscow Mules


This Cherry Limeade Moscow Mule is summer in a glass! The perfect vodka cocktail for warm days.

From: BlackberryBabe

15. Watermelon Mint Moscow Mule


Zingy and refreshing, this Watermelon Mint Moscow Mule is sure to cool you off in the summer heat!

From: ZenAndSpice


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